Retrofit – By BJS Development

Location – San Francisco, CA

System deploys 18 solar thermal collectors and 5Kwh PV solar array

Provides 1,000 gal/day of domestic hot water, space heating for the building and 10,000 Kwh/ annually.

The project got the attention of the Intersolar community for integrating solar thermal, Solar PV, condensing boilers, radiant heat and advance cloud based controls to manage and lower the building’s energy footprint while remaining  competitive with traditional mechanical systems. The Intersolar comity concluded that this project represented a forward thinking on energy usage, management and production in a way that deserved the  best project for innovation and design for 2031    

Location – Cottati CA

Solar thermal system and solar PV system providing 125 kW and 1,000 gal/day of Domestic hot water and 20 kW of electricity.  

Location – Sacramento CA

Designed and permitted an off grid system charging a battery array to operate off grid the farming community. System irrigate 6 plots monitoring and controlling energy spending as well as providing control and monitoring over the 6 fields, controlling ground humidity at the root level, watering schedule, water flow rates, pump speed, ambient temperature, PV system electrical production, cool storage temp, and system energy consumption.

System can be operated automatically or manually from any smart device.

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