Maktinta Energy Management (MEM) System

Energy Management Made Simple

Measuring and trucking commercial buildings’ energy distribution and usage is an essential step before supplementing with renewable energy sources.  At Maktinta, we have developed a real time cloud-based energy management system that helps commercial properties manage, control, monitor and reduce their environmental Carbon footprint

Our MEM system seamlessly integrates with any major power consuming appliances such as heating and air conditioning systems as well as power producing and storing systems such as solar panels, generators, and batteries. This allows customers to visualize and analyze power consumption patterns for energy efficiency, and “peak shaving” purposes.

With our MEM system


Maktinta's Smart Energy Management System (SEMS) has a few important layers

Read System Inputs –  The SEMS constantly compile a stream of real-time data coming from multitude of equipment or  system  sensors into its  on-board computer. The data is presented on a simple to read  dashboard accessible from anywhere via smart device  for complete visibility and control.

Supported Sensors

Any sensor with standard output (4-20mA/ resist / 0-30V/ Pulse/ Modbus RTU )


 Data collected is presented in an easy to understand dashboard that presents the system status in a glance. The dashboard comes with a menu of icons and gadgets making it easy to personalize by the customer to  meet the ever changing needs or personnel 

Data Analysis

The data is analyzed by the On-Board PLC software that can make on the fly decision for peak equipment performance  with a clear goal of timing thousands of kWh and millions of BTUs from the customer energy bills resulting in ten of  thousands of dollars in  savings. 

Data Logging

 The data stream is reported to our servers where the important data is saved for future reference and root cause analysis in case of a equipment failure.

Remote Control

The SEMS allows for authorized personnel to intervene with ease at any time from any internet connected smart device to turn On/Off connected equipment, change temperature range, flow rates,  and many other parameters 

Equipment Scheduling

The SEMS allows for easy multiple equipment scheduling to meet ever changing facility schedules and needs. The scheduling procedure can accommodate a complex weekly schedule for maximum savings. A yearly calendar can be incorporated to accommodate for holidays and scheduled shut downs.


The SEMS pushes notifications via email or text as soon as a monitored parameter is out of range. By keeping 24/7 watch over important system parameters, averting damage to critical and expensive  components is greatly diminished. 

Automated Reports

An automated periodical reports can be set with ease and emailed to a predetermined email list to show energy usage and any other important aspects of the systems vitals. 

Event Logging

The SEMS logs all important events like alarms and communication lost. Each log comes with date time and event  description four future reference 

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